What is a steroid? - What are the benefits and harms of steroids?

What is a steroid?

Steroids are substances that are lipid-containing and are composed of four-ring carbon skeleton. Steroids have different effects depending on the types. Steroids provide durability, strength and rapid muscle development for the users.

Benefits of steroids
-Provides fast muscle development.
- Provides high level of durability and power increase.
-The burner helps burn.

Harm of steroids
- It causes heart attacks together with strain in the heart muscles and vessels.
- It increases the likelihood of liver failure as it overloads the liver organ.
- There is a very rare bodybuilder who lives over the age of 50 when we look at the general profile of people who use it.
- Heart rhythm makes irregular rhythm.
-Prostate can cause cancer.
- Increases the risk of cancer.
- The likelihood of renal failure is increased.
- Psychologically, people feel bad.
-It causes infertility because it decreases the amount of sperm despite the growth of tests.
- It causes the formation of edema because it holds the water and salt in the body.
Excessive amount of acne is observed on the skin.
- Women's masculine, male feminine features can be seen.

My comment on steroids
It is very absurd that people expect to depend on or benefit from such products for power, durability, or pretense. We definitely do not recommend the use of steroids. Finally, I strongly recommend you to watch the documentary prepared by National Geographic about steroids.