healthy food

We will give you 5 very simple suggestions. Considering these suggestions, you can make the food you consume more healthy with some combinations and tricks.

1- Turmeric and black pepper

The turmeric which is full of antioxidants, which is said to block cancer, has been consumed and recommended recently. However, curcumin in turmeric is a difficult substance to be absorbed by the body.
The solution is very simple. Just one pinch (1/20 of a teaspoon) of black pepper increases the absorption of curcumin in the body by 2000%! So from now on, your tea or, if you haven't tried, you can consume with your apple and then take a pinch of black pepper.

2- Eat carrots and tomatoes cooked

Although it is healthier for your food without being cooked with fruit and vegetables, it is not very valid for those around you and your tomatoes. Cooking tomatoes increases the antioxidants, called lycopene, which is more beta-carotene.

3- Meet your citrus fruits with your green tea

If you are adding some lemon to green tea, you are on the right track. Investigations, green tea in the catechin antioxidants called orange, lemon, citrus, such as citrus family members of the body with the assimilation of 20% to 98% increase between the family says.
Catechin is defined as an antioxidant with heart disease, cancer, and even the ability to prevent Alzheimer's.

4- Iron + Vitamin C

Although the iron contained in the animal products is easily taken by the body, this vegetable based iron is not the same. But when vitamin C is eaten together, iron in these foods is more readily available and highly effective.

5- Calcium + Magnesium + Protein

For healthy and strong bones, this 3 feeder is very important. Especially when it is taken together with 3 of these nutrients support each other, provides better dissolution in the body.