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It has raised controversy about the protein powder damage that bodybuilders often prefer. Some of the experts say that there is no harm if the protein powder is used in the right amount and the other part should be used. What are the known damages of protein powder and who should use protein powder?

''Protein powder damages,'' search continue to be investigated by someone who wants to use as supplementary food supplement. The target experts for the protein powder that athletes use to increase and harden muscle mass are in the warnings. Here's what to know about protein powder.

Contains lactose and so on. Allergic products that can be allergic to a product that can produce allergic diseases. Digestive cleansing, nausea, diarrhea etc. clean up On the other hand, in the treatment of protein powder consumption does not make sports or lack of movement in situations such as airborne lubrication brings.

The brand of protein powder is also included when you speak without attention. Heavy metals can reveal a new health problem. Powder weight gain and lubrication status, if it spends its position in the harbor, is changing in relation to calories. Any person who consumes the necessary calories in the dust does not have a lubrication problem.

Protein powder with the substances contained in the muscle mass increase and hardening of the helper sports with a healthy body to make the body is doing.