What is multivitamin?

Multiple vitamins of the human body are called multivitamins, which are put into a single capsule.Multivitamins are supplements that help to feed the body. If you do not have a regular eating habit, you should know that the benefits of multivitamin, which are taken from outside as a pill, are beneficial to the human body.

Multivitamin Damages

What are the benefits of multivitamins?
-Et products that do not consume vegetative as a strictly for multivitamins are very important for us. These individuals do not consume meat in the meat of the vitamins can not benefit from meat.

Mult In some individuals who are engaged in bodybuilding sport, the need for vitamins increases. The vitamins and minerals taken into the human body have significant effects on muscle building and repair. Therefore multivitamins are preferred by body builders.

- Provides an early recovery of the body as a result of sportive activities. It is also effective in the healing of injuries.

-Family, folic acid and vitamin A are the vitamins that should be taken before birth. Women can also use extra iron containing multivitamins during menstruation period because the natural iron sources of the body are consumed during menstruation period.

What are the damages of multivitamins?

There is a complete polarization between doctors and multivitamin producers.Multivitaminciler suggest that people use these kinds of pills by making them believe in vitamin deficiency, while doctors agree that this is a marketing strategy and that such pills adversely affect human health. million people who produce vitamins in the face of this situation, even if the people want to tell people how much trouble in the wind of this kind of products, the last money to support the vitamin can not prevent spending. They say that the human body will not be harmful to the level of human body. It can be seen as the commemoration, bruising of the bones, hair loss, double vision, nausea and headache.

My opinion on multivitamins

If I need to look at the event from my own sense of vitamin deficiency until the 2nd year of sports. But I think that these drugs are sold for marketing purposes as they say in their doctors. I think it is more logical to keep the side of the doctors and doctors in the pharmaceutical sector.