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For years, bodybuilders and gym-goers have been trying to grow and break with a two-pointed approach. Having a di bulk sahip or eating as much as you can and eating as much as you can, then having a calorie-limited diet with a fat-free diet and a larger, more fat-free physique has become the standard. However, because it takes a lot of time and you open and close your body as a thermostat, it can cause negative effects on the cellular level. Fortunately, we have an idea about how the body handles basic nutrients, and it becomes clear that our physical development efforts are not efficient enough. At certain times of the day, it is possible to combine a single nutritional plan by combining nutrients, bulk and diet period. We can also say that it is a healthier method.

Clean Bulk and Normal Bulk Differences

The larger and more oily ideal bulk strategy is not counted. However, the larger and better the right approach. Old-fashioned bodybuilders like Frank Zane and Vince Gironda - to me, are two men with the best physics of all time - they will probably tell you that gaining 3-4 kilograms of lean muscle mass is more impressive than making 10 kilograms of belly with 5 kilograms of muscle. Nowadays, traditional bulk strategies are divided into two categories, and neither of them makes much enthusiasm.

Who does not matter who is right and who is wrong; eat what you find: as long as you get enough protein, you get rid of all the other unnecessary things, you get what you want, moreover, regardless of the quality of the food. This unfortunate installation can work in terms of physics, but in the long run it is not a wise choice for health. (You confess, you know.)

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By ingesting sugar, trans fats, and omega-6 vegetable fat depot foods every day, you endanger the integrity and elasticity of the cell membrane, and possible chronic body inflammations make you fit for diseases - or at least cause joint pain that will weaken you - and ultimately emotional. You can stay alone with fluctuations.

Even if you're not afraid of illnesses, think about feelings in bilateral relationships and think you care about your outward appearance. Poor quality foods can reduce your insulin sensitivity and correct nutrient transfer to the cell membrane. This reduces the efficiency of your quality muscle mass gain at the end of each bulk period. Also, it may become impossible to destroy the last skin layer when you enter the diet.

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Is there any other alternative to objectionable implementation? Traditional clean bulk. By eating around every 90 minutes, which means that you carry broccoli with 7 different food containers and tuna, it means obsessive-compulsive behavior, turning your life around the diet and becoming asocial.
This diet can work for professional athletes and models that will make up more than 5% of humanity, but it is not a rational approach if we consider the career and lifestyle of many of us. These plans, which look perfect on paper, are rarely efficient. But you have another alternative. Moreover, it takes your food choices to the top level in terms of overall health and quality gains and is flexible enough to ensure that you do not have any problems in your daily life.

Let's pause for a second. No mistake, we can discuss forever on the ideal diet regimen, but it will always be the most important point to reach the right calorie and macro values ​​that are important in all the targets you want to reach regarding your body, including bulk. Here is a recommended starting point, for example, a normal male with a mass of 80 kilograms.


We can calculate the calorie value by multiplying by 35 per kilogram.
35 x 80 = 2,800 calories
We can multiply it by 2.25 pounds.
2,25 x 80 = 700 calories (180 grams of protein)
25% of all calories should be.
2,800 calories x 0,25 = 700 Calories (75 g oil)
Remaining Calories
2,800-700-700 = 1,400 calories (350 g carbohydrate)

After this start, everything must be tested, evaluated and tailored to your daily life to achieve maximum results. Ectomorph bodies can force the calorie amount up to 40-45 per kilo. Endomorph bodies can follow a more cyclical strategy, reducing the amount of calories to or below the level of muscle mass during rest days, thus avoiding ingestion.

When you determine your ideal numbers, the flexibility of your diet is up to you. As you have shown in their research, the frequency of meals doesn't make much difference as long as you calculate your calories and macro values. If this is the case, make sure that it is realistic, functional and sustainable to choose the right diet, and not be a prisoner of ist science of science Eğer.

Theoretically, you can get 2,800 calories by making 6 small meals, 3 average meals or one or two big meals, and you can get close results. But you should decide which one is more suitable for your daily life. You can live with plastic containers and watch the time, or have a solid lunch and dinner.

I am the advocate of the intermittent fasting system - feeding light and low carbohydrates during the day and taking a large part of the calorie in the evening - is simply the simplest plan. It is much more likely that it will match your business life and social habits. We can say that it shows parallelism with our natural instinct. You can put an end to the diet.

Man is fasting - evolved through the cycle of food. In most of our existence, we lived and acted actively by eating or eating less during the day. He's hunting, chasing and finding food. It is the standard diet for many, if not for everyone, to relax and feast in the evenings. Work. Give me a banquet. Repeat.

This technique is very effective in psychological sense. It controls the level of insulin and blood sugar and keeps the levels of fat-burning hormones and cellular GH and cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) levels at maximum during the day. This makes sure you burn fat most of the day. It also explodes your energy and improves your mental functions.

In the evening feast, the big meal keeps the mammalian target (mTOR) levels of the musculoskeletal hormones and the extra-cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) maximally. It is also the time to repair damaged muscle tissue caused by training, and to fill the empty energy stores. The best part is to serve meals that fit your metabolic purposes; high quality proteins, clean carbohydrates and healthy fats. Your unhealthy diet and the desire to eat junk food will become dull after having a quality and satisfying dinner for a certain period of time.

What do they mean? It means: you'll bulk-up and build muscle. At the same time, you'll keep your body fat under control and you'll do all of that to jeopardize your health.


Skip it. Black coffee is recommended. It could be tea without sugar.

180-200 gr. consume 1-2 tablespoons of protein with unprocessed fat. You can consume starchless vegetables without limit.

200-250 gr. protein 180-200 gr. consume with carbohydrates. Starch-free vegetables can still be consumed without limits.




1,5 fat size chicken breast
Mixed salad
1 Avocado

3 Steak oil seasoned with sea salt and pepper
4 medium size boiled potatoes
Boiled vegetables


1.5 size fat fat beef fillet
60 gr. almond

400 gr. Garlic Chicken Breast and vogda (chopped) fried vegetables
600 gr. White Rice


350 gr. Turkey Breast
Mixed salad
70 gr. cleaned coconut

350 gr. Salmon
600 gr. Sweet Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans and Mushrooms