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The effort and efforts to lose weight are increasing day by day. Many people are doing research to find the easiest and functional method for themselves. If you think you are aware of almost all methods, we recommend that you do not decide without reading this article. This is the most interesting 7 weight loss method, in this article, perhaps it will be much easier to reach your ideal weight. It is also very easy to calculate your ideal weight. You can calculate your ideal weight from our body mass index calculation page.
1. Smell an apple, banana or mint, fool your brain

It may sound a little crazy, but let us start with a research that proves that smelling foods such as apples, peppermint or bananas regularly facilitate weight control.

Specialist in taste and smell research Alan R. Hirsch's experience in Chicago with the participation of 3000 people, the ones who smell these foods, appetites and close to an average 30 percent faster weight loss was observed. According to the research, these scents deceive our brains and when they smell regularly, the brain believes that food is eaten. Thus, the suppression of hunger in the body becomes easier.

2. There is plenty of excuse to ask: A tour for each mail

Are you ready to challenge messiness? Increasing movement during the day is the best way to lose weight. You can create opportunities for yourself by using small excuses. You can profit from 35-140 calories each day by taking a tour around the house or touring the stairs by deleting unnecessary emails that fall into your mailbox every day.

3. A little secret: Ribbon!

 How about listening to the ”Little Secret ne of Valerie Orsoni, a famous fitness guru? This small secret that many French women frequently apply is very effective in terms of calorie and meal control. Before they go out for dinner, women wear a ribbon under their clothes. The tightening rate of the ribbon serves as an insurance for continuing or stopping dinner. With this method, you can get away with the regret of getting a meal with a swollen belly.

4. Mirror mirror tell me, am I the one who eats all this?

 This idea may seem a little ridiculous. But believe it is very effective. People who eat in front of the mirror eat one-third of their standard meals and leave the table. Your reflection in the mirror lets you face your weight-loss goal and looks into your eyes to remind you that you need to control yourself by eating less.

5. Font Flies, Photo Remains

 It can be an effective way to photograph your images as a visual memory rather than taking notes. Nutrition & You magazine's nutrition / diet writer Joan Salge Blake said in a statement, "Taking pictures of meals and then looking at them again to stop people from stopping the self-control and prevent an impression," he adds, and adds, "As an innocent salad note that the flavor-enhancing fat cheeses and toasted bread in the meal will be kept under record. an It is a wise way to prevent you from being tricked!

6. The lightness of lightness will lighten blue

Of course there is a reason why blue is not very common in restaurant decorations: the appetite-reducing effect of blue! Studies have also shown that people in a room that is mostly decorated in blue eat 33 percent less food. Also the dishes under the blue color light seem less appetizing. So if you eat blue plates, blue dresses and blue tablecloths, it may be easier to keep your weight under control.

7. Yes, we're counting your donuts!

It is a good way to reduce the pies you eat w
hen you eat, to get rid of one of the daily meals or to have a calorie drink that you will drink at a meal. With this method you can get an average of 100 calories less per day