MACFIT Ozdilek instructor Umut Yanilmaz, fitness, the right known wrongs listed.

Regardless, weight loss is good: losing weight with an unhealthy diet or unbalanced diet can cause many diseases. The most healthy way to lose weight is balanced nutrition and exercise.

You can get rid of belly fat if you take 100 shuttle every day: Regionally, muscle can be developed but it is not possible to get rid of regional lubrication. Taking 100 shuttles every day can cause back pains and chronic lumbar problems.

More protein means more muscle: muscle growth is a result of training and regeneration. Getting more protein in the diet does not allow the muscles to develop automatically.

The cardio starts burning body fat from the 12th minute: In fact, the body burns both carbohydrate and fat after starting cardio training. The body, which first starts burning carbohydrates, starts fat burning with prolonged exercise time. At the same time, body fat burning time varies according to age, gender, training history and body type characteristics.

To maintain the form once or twice a week training is enough: To maintain a healthy life, training once or twice a week is not enough. A specific exercise plan should be adhered to at least three days a week.

Weight lifts converts the safes into the case: Fat is not a thing that turns into the safe. Fat and muscle have physiologically very different tissues. Fat tissue is located in the lower part of the skin, between the muscles and around the internal organs. Muscle tissue is divided into three basic types and wraps the whole body. Lifting weights helps increase muscle mass in oily areas. The best way to burn fat is through a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Weight training is based on men: Testosterone hormone affects muscle development and women produce this hormone less than men. Although the muscles of women do not develop as much as men do, they can be very strong and provide more attractive lines than their own metabolism. Weight training in strengthening muscles is a very effective method and has nothing to do with sex.

It takes two weeks to lose your form: the muscles begin to lose their tone, and many people are seen within a week. In a very short period of time after stopping exercise, the condition begins to decline.