Dietician Banu Özbingül Arslansoyu, the truth about the unfounded news in the right to come to the agenda of many known false errors, people can sometimes go wrong with these false errors that can go to unnecessary restrictions, nutrition-related wrongs in the description about the right found.

Arslansoyu listed the right known mistakes as follows:

1- Olive oil does not weight

The regular consumption of olive oil, which is the main source of the Mediterranean diet, provides various benefits for human health. However, 5 grams of fat is 45 calories, 5 grams of meat is 12 calories. That is, oils contain more calories than other macro nutrients, and it is a fact that oil is not olive oil or another type of oil is of little importance in terms of calories. Therefore, no matter what type of fat, over-consuming to return to the person as a weight. Therefore, the olive oil is consumed, but not in abundance.

2- Drink hot lemon water on an empty stomach and melt fat

Lemon dropping into a mold oil does not dissolve fat, so your drink will not have a direct effect on fats. Hot water leaves the stomach later than cold water, thus providing temporary toughness. In the morning, you may need to eat less with hot lemon in the morning. In addition, do not expect a miraculous effect, such as the melting of your fats.

3- Nothing should be eaten after 6 pm

This sentence becomes meaningful if it is changed to son Eat your last meal 2 hours before bedtime Bu. However, it is also a fact that your meal time is not as necessary as your medicine hours. Because, the realities of life create a different meal time for everyone on certain days. Consuming your last meal 2 hours before bedtime is the right choice to stop you from waking up in the morning and not bother you.

4- You lose weight easily if you eat one meal a day

After long periods of hunger, the body defends and defeats the new one with the logic of ve I use the energy that I store if I am hungry again Uzun. Eating and eating something often both suppresses your sense of hunger and allows you to eat less / less and help speed up your metabolism.

5- To eat bread

Bread is the head crown of the tables and the most basic energy source. How much food you consume more than you will lose weight, the more you will consume the bread will return to your weight. A slice of bread is 70 calories, but by dipping bread in oil or food water, calories can be doubled, or even tripled. Rather than consuming bread, you should pay attention to the amount of bread and the foods you consume next to.

6- Brown sugar does not weigh weight

In fact, the sugar content of white sugar with brown sugar is the same, nutritional content is different. While the nutritional content of white sugar is zero, it contains a small amount of vegetable protein, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, choline and niacin in brown sugar. However, brown sugar is not much superior to white sugar. Taking the sugar out of your life completely will be the most important step in your life.

7- It is healthy to lose weight with protein diets

Protein diets have been very popular lately. Because of long-lasting digestion, proteins provide both toughness and force metabolism to work faster. However, prolonged high-protein diets may lead to nutrient deficiencies, overload of liver and kidneys, increased blood fat, and many other similar health problems. Decreasing your health for the sake of losing weight can lead to life hazards. Therefore, you should keep away from such uniform nutrition models and take a healthy diet yourself.

8- Thermal weaken the tracksuits

Unfortunately, in hot environments, sweating is lost, not water. The purpose of weight loss should be the loss of fat from the lean body mass instead of loss of water. Because it is the oil that threatens your health. You also remove toxins from the body with sweat. However, besides the toxins, you can also accelerate the loss of minerals that have a very important role in your life, and unfortunately you cannot replace it immediately during the day. Therefore, you are very tired and exhausted. Instead of replicating water loss in the body, you should apply methods to reduce it.

9- If you eat fish and yogurt together you will be poisoned

Fish and yogurt contain a protein called histamine. As the fish stale, the amount of histamine increases. With yogurt you will consume with stale fish, you get a large amount of histamine to your body and you will be exposed to histamine poisoning. So take care to consume fresh fish.

10- Tea, coffee and cola replaces water

Drinks such as tea, coffee and cola have a diuretic effect due to the caffeine they contain. Removing cola from your life, reducing the number of tea and coffee is one of the important steps you will take in healthy nutrition.