You can make the sport the most enjoyable part of your life in a conscious and healthy way by knowing the mistakes that cause fitness injuries.

Because there is a lot of information written and drawn about fitness, there are a lot of questionable questions about which one is right. Many people who have started to fitness and have stepped on to become healthy and fit due to fitness known to the right known wrongs, are injured and are getting cold from the sport.

Getting Started with Exercises from Warming and Stretching
Without warming up, stretching, preparing the body to start the fitness movements, the injury, "Come, take over my body." It's actually wrong for all sports as it is one of the biggest fitness inaccuracies to do the exercise without overheating. Stretching muscles not only reduces the risk of injury but also allows you to get more out of the sport. One of the main causes of post-sports joint pain complaints is to start exercising without warming up or stretching.

Remove Too Much Weight
Değil Not so much, not so good logic. Kadar Not applicable to fitness. Do not perceive fitness as inflating muscles and ego, do not add weight to weight. As a result of an instant caution over the weight of the weight falling on you, as well as the muscles do not invite you to increase the injury. You must be able to repeat your set without difficulty. You will become stronger over time and be able to lift more weight. The biggest reason for elbow pains in fitness is to remove excess weight.

Not Performing Movements Fully and Correctly
You need some time to learn how to do the fitness. Be patient, try to learn how to repeat the movements. Sloppy movements cause the muscles to be operated incorrectly. Performing the movements exactly and correctly increases the flexibility of the muscles.

One of the most common fitness faults is the fact that the legs are lifted while doing bench press. This is definitely wrong. Your feet should be firmly grounded in order not to force your lumbar vertebrae. To further develop chest muscles, the idea to lower the bench press from the chest is also wrong. Fitness is one of the biggest reasons for shoulder injuries is this wrong method. The more you raise and lift the bar from your chest, the more pressure you have on your shoulders. You will develop exercises on your shoulders