ZMA is a patented formulation consisting of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6.

ZMA is a mineral food supplement consisting of zinc, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6. Zinc supports your muscles and your immune system. Magnesium plays a role on metabolism and muscle health, and helps to regulate sleep. Vitamin B6 can also provide energy support.

ZMA producers say that by taking these three nutrients, more muscle mass, increase in strength and stamina, faster healing of muscles, and an increase in sleep quality.

However, there is no research yet to prove that this is true for healthy men. It is possible for men with zinc deficiency to supplement this deficiency and increase testosterone levels by taking zinc supplementation, but there is no evidence of this situation in men without zinc deficiency.

Aspartate is also claimed to increase the level of testosterone, but it is not in a high-dose dose because it is found in a small amount of ZMA.

It is a useful food supplement for people who are deficient in zinc and magnesium, although the ACM has no effect on the testosterone level.

Are there any side effects?

The ZMA has no known major side effects, but it can pose a risk to your health if you exceed the recommended dose.

Zinc and magnesium may make the absorption of certain prescription medicines, such as antibiotics, difficult, and vitamin B6 can also strengthen the side effects of certain medications.

Excessive sweat or urine may lose zinc and magnesium, but this loss is usually temporary. Some people have low levels of zinc and magnesium due to the drugs they use (eg proton pump inhibitor) or alcohol.

This is the simplest method to replace these minerals through food. Spinach, almonds, cashews, whole grains and pulses are rich in magnesium. Lobster, red meat and poultry are also good sources of zinc. Fish, fruits, potatoes and other starchy vegetables also contain vitamin B6.

Before you start using ZMA, you can ask your doctor, dietician or pharmacist whether these dietary supplements are suitable for you.

How does ZMA Improve Sleep Quality?

In a study conducted on insomnia patients with mild to severe levels, it was observed that oral magnesium supplementation provided an increase in sleep quality. The researchers also observed that magnesium levels decreased and exercise tolerance decreased in those with chronic insomnia. Low exercise tolerance due to insomnia can be greatly improved by taking magnesium supplementation orally in the presence of an expert.

ZMA contains magnesium aspartate mineral with high bioavailability. According to research, magnesium in this form has superior absorption than other forms. The more magnesium you get your body, the more benefits you will get.

How does ZMA affect testosterone level?

It has been known for more than 15 years that there is a link between zinc and testosterone. In a study published in 1982, zinc supplementation was typically given to renal failure patients with zinc deficiency for 6 months. At the end of 6 months, an amazing 85% increase in testosterone levels was found. In another study conducted in 1996, liği Zinc Status in Healthy Adults and Serum Testosterone Levels Ser, the researchers reported that 30 mg daily for healthy men who had zinc deficiency. zinc and testosterone levels of the subjects doubled after 6 months.

He is currently doing research on sports performance at Western Washington University. Dr. In an independent NMA study conducted by Lorrie Brilla, 12 NCAA (American College Sports Authority) players received a ZMA every night within an 8-week training program, with a 10% decrease in the placebo group while a 30% increase in the free and total testosterone levels in the ZMA group It was observed.

How does ZMA Affect Growth Hormone Level?

Zinc, magnesium, testosterone and insulin are among the growth hormone synergists and the main competitor is cortisol. Zinc and magnesium supplementation was found to decrease by 59% and 25%, respectively, at the cortisol plasma level of catabolic stress hormone. It has also been observed that zinc has a very positive effect on IGF-1 levels in humans. For example, in a study on children with growth retardation, children had a 47% increase in IGF-1 levels after 1 month of zinc supplementation. Dr. In a ZMA study conducted by Brilla, NCAA football players who received a ZMA supplement each night had a 3.6% increase in IGF-1 levels, but a 21.5% decrease in the placebo-receiving control group.

How does ZMA affect muscle strength?

In addition to the increase in the anabolic hormone level, Brilla also measured the increase in muscle strength and functional strength. Before and after muscle strength was measured by Biodex isokinetic dynamometer. The athletes who had intensive training for 8 weeks and who got the ZMA supplement each night had a 2.5 times increase compared to the placebo group and a 2-fold increase in their functional strengths.

ZMA overdose

A daily recommended dose of ZMA for men is 30 mg. zinc, 450 mg. magnesium and 10.5 mg. It contains vitamin B6. It is very important to avoid high-dose zinc intake. It was found that receiving more than 50 mg of zinc per day could reduce the levels of copper and HDL (good) cholesterol even in a short time such as 14 days, and even reduce the level of super oxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is a very powerful antioxidant enzyme. Therefore, when taking zinc should not exceed the daily dose. On the other hand, the toxicity effect of magnesium is quite low, but the use of overdose may increase bowel movements.

As a result, ZMA science may be included in a new sporting performance category as sport Night Anabolic Formula Yardım or ”Sleep Aid Sonuç. We believe that athletes will begin to live according to the slogan of, how much sleep, so much development ına since they begin to understand the recovery process, muscle and tissue repair, anabolic hormone production and muscle development.