salep-green tea-boza-healthy heating

The weather is ice cold, we've entered the new year with snow. It could be said the walks were canceled. Bravo if you are walking at home or in the gym. But it's not that cool for those who like to walk on the street like me. Already in this cold in a warm environment of sleep comes. A blanket and a hot chocolate next to her ... There is no chocolate or anything, we just got off on New Year's Day. Well, instead of hot chocolate, whatever we eat. Here are the alternatives for winter drinks ...

BLACK TEA: Doesn't matter whether it's cold or hot for tea. The tea really warms up and sounds very good to me. The taste is great. Tea is a very meaningful drink, a friend. Do diet, do not .. You can drink without sugar. Already the real tea lovers drink sugarless. What is the need to spoil the sugar and increase its calories? Morning tea, five tea, anytime, anywhere. Also make sure that black tea containing valuable antioxidants is newly brewed. Dieters and those who do not drink without sugar can drink with sweeteners. I can recommend a natural sweetener like Stevia.

GREEN TEA: Because of the positive effects of the immune system in the morning and evening we need to drink green tea in a drink. We don't like it very much, we don't drink too much, but the drinkers benefit. It is also known to increase the metabolic rate, that is, diet and what to drink in the evenings, green tea is for you ..

FRESH FRUIT FRUIT JUICES: Freshly squeezed orange and pomegranate juice, plenty of vitamins, good choice not to get sick. There's a lot of vitamin C in it. But if you ask me, especially for those who diet, eating the fruit itself is much more valuable. If you want to drink, not in the evening, you can add breakfast.

GINGER: Ginger tea is ideal for winter days. It improves both the immune system and the metabolism. Especially those with allergies can prepare a nice tea with ginger, lime and honey. You can drink a little bit of lemon.

IHLAMUR: Ihlamur comes to mind in winter and it is very good. Because in winter we mostly deal with diseases such as colds, flu and throat infections. If we feel a little bad, we can have a lime. I don't recommend sugar to any of the herbal teas, but if you don't have sugar problems, you can add honey. Honey linden ideal for winter evenings. A nice option for children as well.

COFFEE: I love coffee hem Coffee comes from meaningful drinks. It gives me inspiration, makes you happy, and it really does suit cold winter days. Whether for milky, plain, or yağlı Seren's recipe, ım as I have previously shared, adding 1 cup of low-fat milk into the coffee and powdered cinnamon. It both reduces the sweet desire and warms you. Come to those who say no to my coffee!

SALEP: Even in winter even if you do not like to drink a cup of sake for a drink. If the smell of cinnamon came, I cannot say no. But it has always been very sugary to me, salep. The smell, the taste is nice but I wish the sugar was less. 1 tea cup 100 calories. Not so much, but it's getting better with my method. 1 cup of low-fat milk into the powder is less than 1 serving of salic, plenty of cinnamon with the smell of salep is enough for me. We split three packs of dust into one.

BOZA: BOOOOZZZAAAA yelling people who say yelling an Halal get OO means coming from me. Now, who's selling on the street. Sounds good to hear the pretender's voice, but do I get it off the street? No. Simitçim from where I trust, boza is taken from the place I know, if I get something from the street; I know the dealer. Boza 1 tea cup more than 200 calories. So even if you are going to drink boza drink 1 cup of tasting. Tell me about it.