The process of weight loss requires discipline and will. If you don't have to spend your hours on the treadmill or count the number of calories you're consuming, try these simple methods.

Here are 10 smart ways to lose weight without going to the gym and on a strict diet.

Always a glass of water before meals. This prevents your body from getting dehydrated as well as keeping you satiated and thus avoiding over-eating.

Make simple space changes at each meal. How Does? Prepare vinegar sauce with your salad instead of using heavy salad dressings. This prevents you from getting an extra 80 calories per lunch. Similarly, consuming fresh fruit rather than dried fruit also allows you to get less calories.

For dessert, eat a piece of black chocolate. Cookies, pies, dessert, you need to eat dessert with chocolate. So that you make a healthy choice without getting more calories.

Keep your portions under control. If you want to lose weight, the amount you consume every meal is important. Choose to eat on a small plate. Thus, you will be satisfied by seeing that your plate is full with little food.

Move further. If you don't spend your time going to the gym, you have to make an effort to be more active in the day. Going to work, walking to a place earlier than the bus or parked and walking away from the car, preferring stairs instead of the lift, are the simplest ways to burn calories.

Do not drink calories. You don't even notice the extra calories you get with what you drink. Then he asks, "Why am I gaining weight? You can't find out why. Stop taking extra calories with drinks such as cola and juice. Instead of plenty of water. Try cucumber, lemon or mint to sweeten your water.

Do not stay hungry for a long time. It may be good to feel a little hungry, but it's not healthy to lose weight all day, and it's not healthy to put on your stomach with heavy meals at night. Don't give the opportunity to a low level of blood sugar that makes you feel the need to eat excessively, don't miss the time of your meals and snacks.

Choose foods with high protein and abundant fiber as a snack. Instead of high-calorie chips, biscuits and protein and fiber-rich snacks that are rich in the way you are. You can try yogurt, oil-free popcorn, flaxseed, whole-grain bread.

Eat early and light dinner. Dinner should be 25 percent of the total calories you will receive daily. You should have completed the last meal of the day at least two or three hours before bedtime. Too late eating causes digestion and sleep problems.

Sleep more. Less sleep causes you to eat more during the day and your energy is low. Try to sleep seven to nine hours each night. Did you know you can burn calories while you sleep? During sleep, the growth hormone is secreted and this hormone activates the metabolism. Sleeping on an empty stomach by not eating late will cause this hormone to be more secreted and hence the metabolism runs faster.