The benefits of sports starting in childhood are not counting.

School season has come, frameworks, school jogging as well as the school to continue parallel to the life of our children and we want to have an activity in the sport activities in the period we are doing. Because it is very important to do sports for a healthy body. The musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system, as well as the whole body, are healthy, strong and durable. Sport also contributes to the fact that children are more socially, equitably and spiritually more balanced thanks to their gentlemanly, competitive and intimate relationships with other athletes.

Because of its vital benefits, the World Health Organization; Children between the ages of 5-17 are advised to have a medium-high intensity sporting activity for 60 minutes every day. However, in the society, the lack of any scientific foundation, incomplete sentences in the mind or attempted to be made with completely misunderstood information, on the contrary, can damage the sport. Many negative consequences such as disability, disruption of sports life, frustration, and worse depression can develop due to misalignment. Acıbadem Taksim Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Ozan Ali Erdal informs children about the wrongs about sports.

Wrong: My child will grow if he plays basketball

Indeed: The most important factor that determines the expected height of the child in adult life is the height of their parents. Of course, that's not the only factor. Nutrition, living standards and the child's health status are also very effective on height. In addition, sports with a high level of activity have positive effects on children's musculoskeletal development. Therefore, athletes in sporting activities can show a more significant development than their parents. However, it is not right to connect it to a single sports branch. It is also necessary to know that one of the biggest factors in the selection of basketball teams when they come to the branching stage in the later years is the current and future expected lengths.

Wrong: If my child is very busy with sports, he will be short

Actually, it has been shown that the sportive activities performed in childhood have positive effects on the development of the child. However, recurrent overuse injuries in any sport and continuing to play with the pain without taking the necessary treatment adversely affect the skeletal development until improvement is achieved at the end of the treatment period. Likewise, in order not to be affected by skeletal development, sportsmen who have trauma of a large skeletal system such as a large bone fracture should stop working until they get better. In addition, the negative effects of the wrong training programs, which are mostly used in childhood, increase the muscle strength. These negative effects can occur in every sport and should not be associated with a specific sport.

Wrong: The child's sports life ends after a sports injury

In fact: the risk of injury increases as experience increases in each sport and the level of experience increases. Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Ozan Ali Erdal, a healthy skeletal system in such a situation to return to the sport and to return to the operation of surgery is recommended when necessary, said: Sports can continue their lives from where they are, spor he says.

Wrong: When the ankle twists once, it always repeats

Indeed: Although there are no bony problems after ankle sprains, injuries to the ligaments around the ankle may cause various degrees of injury. Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Ozan Ali Erdal, the right treatment without delay, regained the full function of the ankle, and the child can continue to live without any problems, while specifying; Yüzey If there is insufficient treatment and there are ongoing loads, recurrent sprains may cause recurrent injuries on the joint surfaces, "he says.

False: If a fracture occurs after a bump or sprain, the child cannot stay in pain.

Indeed: This is partly true, as it is a condition where severe pain develops with fractures. On the other hand, non-slip fractures or fractures can be seen with very little pain and mild functional limitations. In addition, small fractures of the toes and fingers can also cause severe pain. Hence, severe pain is a criterion, but not the only criterion. Symptoms such as mild mild pain, tenderness, limitation of movement and bruising or swelling of the skin may be a sign of fracture after a hard trauma.

Wrong: The knee never develops when the meniscus tear develops on the knee

In fact: 2 meniscus in the knee are very well blooded especially in childhood and the healing potential is higher than that of adults. Meniscal tears that meet certain criteria are not operated in some cases, and when repaired with surgery, it is easier to recover in childhood, so it is not likely to affect sport life.

False: A child who has been operated after anterior cruci

In fact: In the preliminary cruciate ligament operations performed in childhood sportsmen, the techniques and implants accepted today are very successful. Athletes who are rehabilitated enough with physical therapy and strengthening exercises after surgery can safely return to their sports lives.

Be sure to read before starting sports

- Children should be evaluated by a physician who has mastered the subject in terms of the level of development of his / her movement skills.

- When the child starts sport and takes the sportive lifestyle to adult life, the sine qua non condition is always conscious to do sports. This can be achieved by suitable conditions such as warming, stretching, working with the right technique, proper cooling activity and adequate nutrition.

- Children should be versatile in sports for many years, and 11-12 years should be waited to focus on one branch.

- The child should be kept away from sports or, at least, pain, as long as there is any sport injury, as long as the pain continues to develop with activity.