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Everyone knows that milk strengthens the bones or improves the quality of the carrot. But you may not know which foods wonders on your health when consumed together. Joy Bauer, a nutritionist at NBC's Today Show and one of the world's leading names in healthy weight loss, lists 7 food pairs that are much stronger, and we offer you as Uplifers.

1. Calcium + Inulin = Healthy stomach, strong bones
If you have had problems with your stomach before, you must know about inulin (a kind of fiber) that helps to maintain the balance of beneficial bacteria in your digestive system. Inulin is also useful for bones as it increases calcium absorption. As you can take inulin as reinforcement, you can naturally find some foods in it. According to the information shared in Womansday:

The richest sources of calcium: milk, yogurt, whole cheeses, broccoli, black cabbage, sliced ​​salmon and sardines, almonds, fortified orange juice and soy or almond milk.

The richest inulin sources: artichoke, dandelion leaf, onion, garlic, leek, banana, whole wheat flour, asparagus.

- Low-fat milk with cereals and banana
- Asparagus grilled, grated cheese on

2. Calcium + Vitamin D = Strong bones
Your body needs high amounts of vitamin D to absorb calcium that strengthens the bones.

The richest sources of calcium: black cabbage, broccoli, milk, yogurt, cheese.
The richest sources of vitamin D: salmon, sardines, canned light tuna, herring, egg yolk, milk.

- Sauteed grilled salmon with black cabbage
- Broccoli and cheese omelette
- Tuna butter and low-fat cheese on whole-grain bread

3. Vitamin E + Vitamin C = Better eyes
If you want your eyes to see better, you need to get plenty of vitamin E which helps prevent yellow spot disease. If you take vitamin C together with E, your body reaches the strongest form to deal with diseases.

The richest sources of vitamin E: almonds, peanuts, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, soybeans.

The richest sources of vitamin C: citrus fruits, kiwi, bell pepper, broccoli, brussels cabbage, tomatoes, strawberries, potatoes.

- Peanut butter bread and strawberry slices
- Salad with almonds and tangerines

4. Iron + Vitamin C = More energy
If you're feeling tired all the time, your muscles, your brain, and your whole body may not be getting enough iron to transport oxygen. Vitamin C, which fights severely with diseases on its own, ensures that your cells receive more iron and protect the health of your gums, heart and skin.

You can find iron in vegetable (fruit, vegetables, beans) and animal foods (red meat, chicken, egg). But since your body has difficulty in absorbing iron in herbal food, it is a wise act to take vitamin C together.

Herbal based iron sources: Spinach, oatmeal, tofu, wheat germ, quinoa, starchy legumes (dried beans, soybeans, fava, chickpeas).

The richest sources of vitamin C: citrus, kiwi, strawberry, tomato, bell pepper, broccoli, brussels cabbage, potatoes.

- Spinach salad with orange
- Strawberry oatmeal

5. Vitamin K + Fat = Healthy heart and bones
If you consume the right type of fat, you will see the benefit of not the damage. Omega-3 and other mono and polyunsaturated fats have very important effects, such as lowering cholesterol. In addition, the body cannot absorb some vitamins without fat, including vitamin K, which is very important for blood clotting and bones.

The richest sources of vitamin K: Curly black cabbage, spinach, chard, radish leaf, broccoli, cabbage, brussels cabbage.

The richest sources of oil: olives (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashew) with olive, almonds, canola, flaxseed, nuts, roasted sesame and avocado oils.

- Sauteed chard, spinach or broccoli in olive oil
- baked almond brussels cabbage

6. Beta carotene / Vitamin A + Fat = Bright skin
Beta carotene, which needs oil for its absorption and becomes vitamin A in the body, rejuvenates and brightens your skin. Vitamin A is also vital for a healthy immune and reproductive system. But in order to be absorbed, you need to get fat.

The richest sources of beta carotene: carrot, apricot, melon, sweet potato, curly black cabbage, spinach.

The richest sources of fat: nuts, such as nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashews), olives, almonds, canola, flaxseed, nuts, roasted sesame and avocado.

- Olive oil or canola oil, baked sweet potato
- Carrot slices and hummus
- Assorted cookies with dried apricots, almonds and pecan

7. Zinc + Sulfur compounds = A strong immune system
To the attention of onion and garlic lovers: These two sharp plants are doing more than giving the taste to the dishes. The sulfur compounds they contain accelerate the absorption of zinc. Zinc, which plays an important role in improving immune and wounds, is found in whole grain foods.

The richest zinc sources: all whole grain foods, including brown rice and whole-grain bread, legumes.

The richest sulfur compound sources: Onion, garlic.

- Brown rice cooked with caramelized onion
- Light cream cheese on a plowed slice of whole-grain bread and sliced ​​onion