Most natural slimming formulas-WEAKENİNG

Do you have a belly problem? A very special formula for her ... An awesome weight loss diet made with cabbage. Special tea recipes;

Do you have a weight problem? Does your metabolism not work? The way to have a fit and vigorous body goes through natural diets ...

You can prepare all of these formulas easily in your home ... Here are suggestions;


• Vegetable soup with vegetables, known as cabbage soup among women, miraculously lets you lose 8 pounds a week!

• Although some dietitians are able to lose weight in such a short period of time, no diet regimen is able to discourage women from losing weight in such a short time.

If you are going to do this diet, you should take care not to overwhelm yourself, drink plenty of water and take extra vitamins.

How does the cabbage weaken?

• White cabbage has `aquaretik` property. So; plants are usually diuretic because they are both water and salt from the body while white cabbage throws water alone without disturbing the salt balance.

• This helps to keep your weight permanently. White cabbage cure can be an excellent supplement for hormone imbalance that changes during menopause and menstrual periods.

Warning: Breastfeeding mothers of your baby milking slimming cure or similar cures are inconvenient.

Special soup recipe for cabbage diet:

5 onions
1- 2 fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes
1 large white cabbage
2 pieces of green tomato paste
1 bunch of parsley
1 celery

Preparation: After all the vegetables are sliced, add water to the soup and cook in the pressure cooker. You can then bring it through the blender to the consistency of the cream.

White cabbage diet:

1 day

2 pieces of green tomato paste
1 bunch of parsley
1 celery

Preparation: After all the vegetables are sliced, add water to the soup and cook in the pressure cooker. You can then bring it through the blender to the consistency of the cream.

White cabbage diet:

1 day
As much fruit as you want (except bananas) and special cabbage soup

2 days
Vegetables (except legumes) and special cabbage soup

3 days
Vegetables, fruit and special cabbage soup

4 days
5 bananas, 4 cups of milk and special cabbage soup

5 days
300 gr. red meat (boiled or grilled), 6 tomatoes, special cabbage soup

6 days
Sliced red meat (boiled or grilled), special cabbage soup

7 days
Brown rice, vegetables, fruit juice and special cabbage soup


1 teaspoon Mate leaf
1 teaspoon of rosemary
1 teaspoon of thyme
1 teaspoon of funda leaf
2 teaspoons of green tea

Preparation: 1 liters of boiling water after putting the materials for 20 minutes without boiling. Then hot or cold as a filter, you can taste and drink by squeezing into a little lemon. You will see the weight difference and its effect in 3 days

Which plant, what does it do?

Mate leaf: mate tea used to treat obesity all over the world, prevents the absorption of fat from the body to facilitate water discharge. The plant, which people of all ages can use comfortably, helps to weaken the appetite by turning off the appetite.

Green tea: In recent years, an increasing use of green tea, the body accumulates toxins in the digestion facilitates digestion.

Funda leaf: A good kidney trainer and a urine-removing leaf, this feature helps to weaken.

Rosemary: Fat dissolving and digestion facilitating this plant, the body to accumulate the accumulated toxins that provide an ideal weight.

Thyme: Commonly used in the public thyme, digestion of the body by facilitating the digestion of excess water allows you to lose weight.


Get rid of fat in the morning


2 avocado leaves, a pinch of corn tassel, cherry stalk, half a teaspoon of fennel seeds,
2-3 leaf senna,
4-5 pieces of parsley with stalks

Preparation: Materials are put in a glass of water and boiled for 2-3 minutes. After brewing tea, a thin slice of lemon is placed into the filter.

It is applied twice a day in the morning and evening without sugar. However, herbal tea should not be too hungry or too full.



1-2 pcs of avocado leaf

1 teaspoon of green tea

1 pinch of cherry stalk

1 pinch of corn tassel

1 teaspoon fennel seeds

Preparation: 1 cup of boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes after putting the boiling water and gently boil after 3-4 minutes to leave to infuse.

You can drink 2 or 3 cups a day with only a very thin slice of lemon without adding sugar or sweetener.


Fats in the abdominal region are the most difficult to melt, so it is necessary to dissolve the fat in this area.
sport regularly every day,

You can also get help from a sports instructor. If you don't have such a chance, we recommend that you learn the correct movements and apply it in a certain period.

As natural reinforcement:

One tablespoon of lemon juice,
A tablespoon of sesame oil,
One tablespoon of rosemary oil and
Mix a tablespoon of eucalyptus oil
Massage your abdomen in a circular motion with this natural mixture


When the cress seed is used on an empty stomach for a certain period of time, it can usually stimulate the metabolism and help stimulate the metabolism, especially the thyroid hormone.

The taste of cress seeds is severe bitterness. It is more convenient to take it as ground, not as a core.

Key point:

Mix the cress seed with honey. For hot water on

1 teaspoon of cucumber seed, because the taste is very bitter 1 or 2 small coffee spoon with a good, a good quality honey is mixed with the food is more suitable to eat.

Tere seed is an inexpensive, natural plant that grows in our country. Green, fresh cress leaves may also have a slightly invigorating effect, although not as long as cress seeds.

Important caution: Stressful taste of cress seeds can be even more disturbing to those with active gastric ulcers, bleeding and stomach discomfort.


Professor Dr. Ahmet Maranki believes that the cosmic salad is very useful for throwing toxin and must be eaten before meals. The recipe gives the following:

Toxin Shooter Cosmic Salad Recipe:

Ingredients: Cabbage, Parsley, Spinach, Tere, Arugula, Red, Carrot, Bulb onion, Lemon

Preparation: After adding all the ingredients, add lemon and pomegranate sherbet.

Take care to eat this cosmic salad before meals to ensure maximum benefit.


Professor Dr. A recipe for herbal tea from Ahmet Maranki


30 g split root,
30 g barley,
30 g corn tassel

Preparation: Boil the ingredients in 1 kg water for 10 minutes, after cooling, drain.

Be sweetened with honey or lemon tightened. It should be consumed in 1 day. 20 gr of cherry stalk can be added to this mixture.