Bodybuilding among the people is generally known as either the beauty of the body, or briefly the dumbbell. Many people describe this sport as harmful, meaningless, and even go so far as to mock. This is due to wrong attitude, ignorance and jealousy.

Bodybuilding Sport, with another definition; Under the rules of Movement Science (Kinesiology), it is a sports branch, which is developed according to a program, with and without tools, improving the body, increasing the level of fitness, increasing the aesthetic and flexibility of the body and increasing the efficiency of the metabolism.

For many years, it has been determined that the body of health is the golden key to health if applied regularly according to scientific rules.

Www.sportizle.tv, which broadcasts every day sports on the web site www.spormerkezim.com as well as on the internet, offers you all the information, texts and videos for scientific and regular bodybuilding and sports in the most scientific and comprehensive way. it will help bring the sporting applications to the highest levels.


FALSE: Inflates the muscles abnormally, making the body bulky.
TRUE: When done with regular and scientific rules, it works perfectly, strengthens, improves, gives flexibility and aesthetics.

FALSE: Difficult to implement and inconvenient, cannot be done at any age
TRUE: Can be done at any time, anywhere, at any time without any difference in time and place,

FALSE: It is not effective in the removal of body fat, makes the movement of people difficult
TRUE: Prevents immobility, light weight and multi-repetitive movement and when applied with short rest periods between exercises burns body fat, gives flexibility.

FALSE: Causes the heart to grow.
CORRECT: Regular and conscious bodybuilding exercises, heart muscle strengthening, by regulating the blood circulation, ensures the heart to work healthier,

FALSE: forces body systems, makes breathing difficult.
TRUE: Provides better respiratory capacity by expanding the chest,

FALSE: Causes low productivity in other sports branches.
TRUE: It is the most important part of the exercise and is considered as the basis of all sports branches,

FALSE: Disrupts the body's balance and causes concentration difficulties.
TRUE: Increases body dominance, balance and concentration,

FALSE: It increases the selfishness (narcissism) and selfish feelings of the person, makes it nervous.
TRUE: It protects from or prevents from bad habits, increases self-confidence, eliminates irritability and stress.

FALSE: Prevents heightening in developmental age.
TRUE: Regular exercises help strengthen the neck, muscles, ligaments and bone tissues.

FALSE: Dangerous for older ages, causes connective tissue and muscle injury.
TRUE: Helps prevent muscle loss and joint disorders in advanced ages, strength, lasting form and more youthful appearance.

FALSE: It causes masculine and coarse appearance in women.
TRUE: It helps women to gain general aesthetic and athletic structure advantages, eliminates cellulite and weight loss problems and is the most effective sport for body parts.

FALSE: Causes image disorders in the body, disrupts the balance of hormone activity.
TRUE: It is an ideal sport for posture rehabilitation or rehabilitation after any accidents, helping to increase the level of important hormones (endorphins, etc.) in the body.

FALSE: There is no effect in physical therapy and rehabilitation.
TRUE: Bodybuilding machines with biomechanical properties that provide sportive rehabilitation facilities are indispensable devices of medicine departments such as rehabilitation and physical therapy, and body building systems are the basis of such treatments.

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