fat-getting Fat

There is no need for machine-oriented programs to gain weight. There are many different techniques to increase the weight of people who do not have enough time to go to the gym or who cannot afford the cost of the room. The priority of this target audience, who wants to gain weight, is simple exercise programs at home. (1) These training programs at home are very effective for providing a gradual increase in body weight over a short period of time.

It is a more comprehensive process involving weight gain, physical training, adequate calorie consumption and eating frequency. The training program is also important in sleeping and weight gain programs while applying the weight gain program.

Body Weight Exercises for Weight Loss

One of the simplest ways to increase weight and increase weight is to do body weight exercises. Exercising for weight gain helps the body to make prints and muscles. Exercises such as push-ups, gymnastics and squats are among the most effective activities that you can do without the need for various weights and without going to the gyms.

Pull Up (Barfiks)

It is one of the effective exercises for those who say that the back and arm muscles cannot gain weight. To perform the exercise, it can be used to place the hoist rods or any place where the rod can be hung. If you have any difficulty in carrying out the hoop action, you can ask someone for help or use a resistance band.


One way to gain weight is to create squats, leg muscles, and another weight-loss exercise. To apply the technique, you must put your hands behind your head and bend your legs along your knees. In addition, you must make sure that the heels are placed on the floor, the knees are pushed out and you squeeze your hip muscles moving upwards. You should also stretch your hamstrings at least 3 times a week as a measure when you do squats.

Push Up

Push-up exercise allows the construction of the chest, shoulder and arm muscles for those who are in need of rapid weight gain. (1) This movement involves pushing the arms up and down with hands fixed to the floor, face down. To simplify this, you can put the knees on the floor and do the exercise this way.

Training Calendar

All body training is very important to achieve the desired weight. Exercise should cover the entire body as a whole in order to allow more hormone release in the body and should help grow muscle for weight gain. Staying true to the exercise program is another critical factor to consider in the weight gain process. For example, if the first day is 10, the next day should repeat at least 10 sets and this number should be incremented.


In addition to the training program, it is necessary to apply a diet program which includes sufficient calorie intake to increase body weight. (2) The need to manage metabolism plays a vital role in the weight gain process. Body weight can be adjusted by applying weight gain diet with increasing appetite and body weight exercises. In summary, metabolic rate is very important because of the sufficient digestion of excess calories consumed during the weight gain program. To increase the metabolic rate, you need to apply the whole body training program.