We have researched the ways to gain weight in a healthy way. Here are 10 steps you need to do to get your weight in a healthy way.

It is also quite difficult to gain weight as much as weight. When you eat everything to lose weight, you can cause the body to become fat and you can have an ugly belly.

The weight problem has become one of the biggest problems of our time. There are people who go to the dietitian because they cannot gain as much weight as they do not notice much. Yes, in fact, it is a problem for some people to lose weight even though it is very low. Here we have looked for ways to gain a healthy weight for you and we have collected them in a letter. If you have problems gaining weight or want to gain weight, but you are afraid to be fat, this news is for you!

Here's what you need to do to get healthy weight:

1- Make breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, those who want to lose weight should definitely do breakfast. If possible, it should be done in the early hours and a breakfast should be done after an hour or two. This rule is very important for weight gain.


2- Do not skip meals

Do not skip meals if you want to get weight. If you do not have a regular diet, weight gain does not occur.

3- Eat carbohydrate, fatty and protein foods for each meal

In order to increase muscle tissue in the body instead of fat tissue carbohydrate and protein intake should be considered. Each meal should put both carbohydrate, fatty and protein foods and consume them.

4- Foods with high calorie and high nutritional value should be selected

Making snacks between main meals prevents us from being too hungry and we can support weight gain through the foods we prefer. The preferred foods should be high in calories and nutrients. Examples are almonds, peanuts, raisins, walnuts.

5- Do not drink water with food

Drinking water, while eating, causes early saturation, in other words it inflates the stomach. Therefore, you should not drink water while eating.

6- Must be consumed sweet after meals

Dessert should be consumed after meals. If sweet consumption is not done correctly, sugar problems can occur. It is useful to consume carefully.

7- Try to consume hazelnut or peanut butter

You can use it on the breads in the breakfasts, or you can speed up your weight gain with a few spoons that you can eat during the day. Especially peanut butter will give faster results in weight gain.


8- Nutritional values of food should be increased

Nutritional values should be increased with a few tiny additions. For example, you can make an omelet with cheese and even add extra cheese. You can throw potatoes into soups. You can support your sweets by adding high nutritional value things like walnuts, hazelnuts.

9- Try to eat before bedtime

After 8 o'clock, it is not known that the things that are being eaten directly lose weight. Because at that time, the body is slowing the metabolism because it prepares itself to sleep. For those who want to gain weight, they can dine late at night, or even have a meal before going to bed.

10- Walking should be done before dinner

Walking made 1 hour before the meal turns appetite so you can walk.

For weight loss, prefer to eat healthy food instead of consuming harmful things like fast food. Thus, both your body will not be exposed to excessive lubrication and your weight gain will be very healthy.

You have applied the above, but if there is nothing changing, you should definitely go to a dietician. Because sometimes you cannot gain weight is not only caused by misfeeds. It could be a hormonal disease. So getting a healthy weight under the control of a dietitian will give you more accurate results for you.