I spent over a third of the last 15 years of my life in overweight. I've been putting on weight over and over again the entire time I'm overweight. I've been successful 3 times. Same method worked in all three. I got this out of that. The person does not succeed by following each diet program and the methods that work for others. If I ask you what is the key to losing weight, I will respond to motivation first. You need to create a diet plan that you can maintain in the short-to-medium term when you are motivated, that is, after you really want it.

My way of losing weight was like this. Firstly, I applied a 13-day Swedish diet, which lost 10.4 pounds. Losing weight quickly motivated me at once. Following the Swedish diet, I lost a total of 30 pounds in 3 months by maintaining low calorie, protein-based diet and walking in nature.

I owe to getting rid of overweight in a short time with a strong motivation, a healthy diet and eating out junk food.

Why are we gaining weight?
There are two main reasons why we gain weight. They are also said to have genetic reasons, but I believe that we can cope with this through our minds.

We're gaining weight because we have a still life. The more we lose weight, the more we get in, the more we reduce the movement.
All kinds of food is under our hands. As we get hungry, as our morale goes away, sometimes we are eating without stopping because of the habit.
Why are we gaining weight? Immobility and excessive food consumption. What needs to be done to reverse this simple equation? We need to move more and consume less food.

What are the miracle methods to lose weight?
Zayıf Nam nam nam sizi eaten with pleasure, weak as a crochet as you eat; There is a food that does like a mannequin in 1 month. Mate leaf, green tea, shrub leaves, rosemary, thyme, chia seeds, such as plants to continue to search for miracles, to make someone rich, instead of putting yourself in the garbage.

The main people responsible for being fat are your lifestyle and the wrong diet. Of course, in this case, the share of genes in large (not only to gain weight, but also to be lazy), but even with it is possible to fight. Just be motivated and committed.

The only way to lose weight while standing is to increase your heart rate. It is an unrealistic approach to lose weight by sitting on the ground where you eat the seeds and boil.

For example, in many countries such as ephedrine banned, even if you do not do any activity, your heart rate, heart attacks, kidney and liver organs such as damage to the permanent damage to the ephedra class of plants obtained from the pills, there are mixtures that increase your heart rate. But these are not miracle solutions; outright suicide.

Stop the miracle call. Because it doesn't. Realistically, first of all you are unhappy to investigate the causes and get rid of them. Learn to act as if you can't get rid of them. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months. You do it too. Just motivate yourself and start.

What are the reasons and clichés that stop you from losing weight?
Friends are talking with their mouths, they have a finger. You're researching to lose weight. I understand you, very well. I did the same. But there is so much information pollution. There are thousands of people who are trying to give you advice through ear information without any medical knowledge, even trying to earn money.

Herbocologists who cut the fruits even though they have no weight problems.
From the television, the professor who cut the sketchy information from the Internet.
The inventors who are trying to gain from the weight problem of others.
To be listed above in the search results on the Internet; Thus, to gain advertising income, weight loss is not closely related to the wrong information even though they do not lie.
To get ad revenue on YouTube, the reklam fanfinfon method with 30 pounds gel title is clear.
Your brain turns to cream cheese when you try to understand and listen to all of this. You give up diet before it starts.

Not water, but water and caste: 120 pounds, the shield from the bed, bending into shape from the shape of the shape, sitting on the computer or television for 12 hours, even if the car goes to the grocery, 5000 calorie food per day which a person's muscles melting, it can explain to me Do you have smart? Yahu have already been morbidly obese, if we live like this for another 5 years, our heart vessels will be clogged and we will undergo bypass surgery, man hasbelkader saw something on the Internet, "intention is out of it," he thinks professor himself. A white coat is missing. Let the gum muscle go, so the water can go away, but just let something go. You're obese. You can't climb stairs, you can't run and you can't even make love. The veins are clogged, the cholesterol and the sugar have been Godliness. What is it? It's the one that's gone, not fat. Shoo!
I start dieting Monday: You can start dieting the next day. I've probably tried at least 150 times in my life to start a Monday diet. No friends of Monday. The best diet is the diet that starts the next day. Planned programmatic, you will probably start the diet of the books you will most likely not continue. Stop doing the book book, and you're gonna be fishing tomorrow. As I explained in the Swedish diet article; weighing 120.4 kilos the day before I see the day, I bought the pile of walnuts in the trash by wiping the water I started the diet at that moment. In the meantime, the Swedish diet has been Norwegian diet, does not matter. Even if you are working, even if you are working on your head with any diet plan you will not have difficulty preparing this step. Enough to start!

After eight o'clock, nothing is inedible: At 9, 10, 11, I ate. Because we're working. We're not a civil servant or retired, so we have a clock. I ate 3 meals a day and set meal times according to the moments where I felt "hungry." Your body will tell you when to eat. Just don't go out of the daily amount.

Natural products are harmless: Drinking milk daily, eating homemade yogurt (1 liter of milk every day, 1 liter of yogurt) I've gone up to 120 pounds in 1 year. Especially when consuming animal foods, whether or not natural or not, you need to limit fat intake. All kinds of food containing fat, salt and sugar are stored in the body when consumed more. The same goes for olive oil. Ilmaz Natural, if not useful, ın saying the salad, if you eat olive oil to eat weight is inevitable. Does the body need fats? Of course there is, but this amount should not exceed the teaspoon, the worst spoon of the spoon. Remember, the title of the article is not baş to stay healthy. We're talking about losing weight.

Light products do not ignore weight: They take such a way. For example, 3 bundle Altınbaşak or Eti Form biscuits 1 contains more energy than bread. When I was dieting and failing, I was eating 5 packs a day from this product. A pack of Ülker Altınbaşak trash (hopefully I won't get in trouble) 186 calories and blood sugar in the bottom of the top of half an hour later to re-hungry, instead of 200 grams of turkey meat in a pan without cooking and 100 grams of fat-free yogurt and huge plates of salad will eat only 426 calories, as well as your daily food need; take the food you need to maintain your body's muscle structure and the energy you need, and leave the table in a saturated form. What else is happening? 186 calorie is eaten by Altınbaşak cookie intention. Half an hour later, I'il take the wow. Oo olives are well worthy of my mouth. Wow sir, 100 grams of chocolate gives happiness. I'm burying some hazelnut peanuts. After 2 hours, I've fed very healthy today, my diet time is over. My brother you're eating fast. Such weight is not given. Except for a few products (I will talk about later in this article) completely remove the light from your life.

Conscious, scientific, healthy diet: the event is very simple. We will reduce the fat, salt and carbohydrates and accelerate our basal metabolism. On the nutrition side, we will select lean, salt-free and carbohydrate-poor foods, and add movement to our lives to accelerate our basal metabolism. In the face of the computer for months to investigate the work of this business, immediately enter this business. Friends who do not have unhealthy diet other than their diet diets. Get started with a proven diet that has been proven to work by the masses. Unhealthy, you take things step by step to eat things you eat sweets, flour and fatty foods. The human body can last 3 weeks of absolute starvation. I'm even looking at low-calorie, short-term diet lists, missing a bird's milk. So you don't die of dieting.
Researching a Tokken diet: When we eat up to the cracker and move on to bring about a ruminant on the computer, we feel regret. We immediately start researching the diet, we start to make plans. These plans are forgotten no later than 3 hours. When I was making my decision to start dieting, I said 120 Come on, last time ım.

How did I lose weight? Is it too hard to lose weight?

Although I've mentioned it a few times above, I'll pick it up for the last time. When I saw that I was 120.5 pounds on the scale, I was angry with myself. I took 1 pack of walnut burrito (I didn't eat it out of the trash) and threw it in the trash. After that, my stomach started not to accept anything.

In order to turn this into an opportunity, I decided to start the Swedish diet, which I had tried before.
I made a 1-week shopping list.

The next morning, 1 cup of nescafe, 1 sugar began with the diet.

The same day, I went to the supermarket and bought all the foods on the list.

The purpose of going to the grocery store was to stop at the grocery store for a long time. Ready-to-eat grocery stores are full of traps to break the diet. For this reason, you do not take the ingredients of your diet list collectively and stop by the market for a while.
I got rid of 10.4 pounds in 13 days. Previously narrow shorts, tracksuit after 13 days did not fall off me, but began to come abundant. I'm so happy, I'm so motivated.

I prepared a diet plan for 2.5 months after the Swedish diet.
What I ate was basically the Swedish diet. I've increased the amounts slightly. I started to consume various dishes cooked at home.
As with the Swedish diet, I continued to eat protein. I've consumed quite a lot of vegetables. I limited the carbohydrate intake (bread, rice, pasta, etc.) to the pil almost none, level.

Definitely did not eat packaged food (biscuits, chocolates, ice cream, etc).
Calorie calculation. What weight is made, what foods contain what we know a little. For example, half a kilo of fat-free turkey meat does not lose weight. But you can't eat half a pound. You can cook a huge bang of chicken with mangalaki and this doesn't make you lose weight.
In addition to determining food consumption in general terms, I have started activities that have not been done for a long time.

I started my old hobby climbing and camping long-distance walks. I walked for more than 400 kilometers on the terrain for 2.5 months.

I did walks on the beach regardless of the distance and duration of the week.

I stopped using the elevator and the escalator.

I've reduced my time in front of a computer. If I don't have anything to do, I lie in bed and watch a movie.

Leave the calorie calculation. Karş I burn 2000 calories a day, I get 1500 calories if I get weak ”in theory, but in practice, a non-equivalent account. I've done accounts for 2 years, but I don't get paid.

Trying to lose weight without eating qualified foods, without moving, just looking at the numbers makes you lose your body and your nerves.

I will give details on how I feed for 2.5 months. During the hunger crises I experience during my weight loss, I will share what nutrients I think help me stay satiated. At the end of the article I lose 30 pounds in the general information about the 3-month process, healthy and fast way to lose weight to offer realistic methods instead of miracles.

None of the foods I'm going to bet on contain absurd components. From time to time, I am a coincidence of “nutritionist” people on television. They're telling me the weirdest plants, like Öküzgözü seed, root of the tongue base, the left ear of the calf (I'm all over the head), as if they were being sold at every corner. The so-called information that these people think of as being incomprehensible and believable is of no use. When the TV broadcaster's advertising, television talkers' time to complete the olduğ consultancy fee pratik or to advertise, perhaps the most important is the theoretical knowledge that is not tested in practice, listening to find the story does not go beyond pleasant stories.

You can easily find all of the foods listed below, from grocery, convenience store and dry foods.

Foods you will consume daily
I found it appropriate to divide the articles related to nutrition into three sections. In the second part of the bölüm hunger crisis ı you can apply to the foods I have tried myself, and in the third part, I've decided to describe the trap foods that you should definitely avoid.

If you are eager to lose weight or lose weight after being weakened, you should definitely walk away from pre-cooked or prepackaged foods. Familiarize yourself with the following foods. After a short time you will get used to your stomach and taste perception; You will realize that a lot of things you have eaten so far are actually “garbage bugün.

Starting the day with an egg-filled breakfast, the egg has a long-lasting, conservative effect on your appetite. One of the most important sources of protein is the prolongation of egg satiety, as well as the white protein store, the iron is rich in iron and a strong antioxidant vitamin A is rich.

During the Swedish diet I lost 19 kilos of the egg I've consumed a lot of 2.5 months I continued. At least 4-5 days a week I started the day eating two eggs at breakfast. If your structure cannot tolerate the egg; Reduce the amount of itching and experiencing various drawbacks. Sprinkle with black pepper or red hot chili peppers on the egg, along with roasted breakfast pointy peppers.

Rolled oats
Oat is a nutrient-rich food containing soluble fibers, proteins, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. As you start the day, as well as eggs, oatmeal, mixed with skimmed milk will prevent you from getting hungry during the next hours, as a result of rich nutrition, your blood sugar will be better balanced and so you will feel full.

I didn't eat oats every day. 1-2 times a week, coffee cup half in the morning to fill with oat and fill with two fingers over the skim milk added to the plain.

My last reminder about oats is to stay away from mixtures such as Muesli, Breakfast Mix, buy plain oats, only to consume oatmeal with non-fat milk and diluted fat-free yogurt (maybe by adding a few raisins and apricots). Sugar, honey, jam, such as don't add things to turn down your blood sugar.


The fiber found in green leafy vegetables increases the feeling of toughness, regulates the digestive system.
Salads that you can add to your lunch and dinner, add vinegar, lemon and red hot pepper to your stomach to complete your toughness, and create a feeling of satiety and delay your hunger.

Green leafy vegetables are all indispensable to a healthy diet, whether you like it or not. You should develop a very low-fat and salt-free cooking technique suitable for your palate, but always include greenery on your table.

After you have achieved success in the diet, you can prepare fresh beans with little olive oil, roast onions and spinach with a small amount of oil, and you can eat artichokes with olive oil and similar green vegetables in the season.

Red hot pepper
Capsaicin which is one of the most used spices of Turkish cuisine, which is contained in red hot pepper, has a fastening effect on metabolism. I don't have to tell you about the taste of the food.

Even at breakfast, a small sprinkling of sprats sprinkled with olives, cheese and eggs reduces the sudden hunger and excessive food consumption until noon. In the evening meals, you can benefit from the peppers and benefit from the positive effect of digestion.

Dry beans
The main varieties of chickpeas, beans, lentils, pods, peas, cowpea, kidney beans and soybeans are important foods that have an important place in weight control. Legumes create a sense of fullness, prevents hunger.

They are a good choice in weight reduction and weight loss programs when properly prepared. You can consume dried legumes every day by eating 3 times a week, boiled in water (eg pilaki) and adding a handful of salads.

I'm not talking about cooking dishes in oil and meat. Especially in your weight loss process, the legumes in oil-free and salt-free boiling water, put on vinegar, onion, spring onion and chili peppers only to fill in a small bowl. Otherwise, you'll be eye-browing.

Oil Free Yoghurt
Calcium and protein source of yogurt is not to be exaggerated daily with a small bowl can be eaten. Choose the varieties that are fat free while balancing the intestinal flora and consuming the yogurt that makes it easy to digest. Full-fat varieties can stop your weight loss when consumed regularly every day.

Yogurt should be eaten alone. I recommend that you consume yogurt as a second meal, not as a side dish, but for 200 grams of meat at lunch.

I'il make a warning about homemade yogurt. I used home made whole milk milk and yogurt to drink a drink of 120 pounds in a year. I would like to remind you that if you have a still life, you should use fat-free yogurt.

I usually look at Light products with suspicion. Eti Form, Ülker Altınbaşak and similar kal light in products are almost all calorie, innocent-looking traps as much as bread. Animal fats may be useful when taken in certain amounts, but you should prefer, fat-reduced alın products in yogurt and cheese that we consume frequently.

Steak, Turkey Meat and Fish
Five days a week, 200 grams of turkey cooked in a fat-free pan (beef) or a barbecued grill, is a good source of protein, as well as a hearty main food.

You need to stay as far away from carbohydrates as possible in the process of weight loss and protection. Eggs and yogurt from the protein will not be enough to protect your muscle structure, as well as vitamin B12 deficiency in your health problems, such as not to encounter with the animal foods, even if you are not good, you should give them place in your diet.

Cheese and Olives
I bought only Sütaş or Pınar's Light White Cheese during the whole diet. Sütaş's Light white cheese is more and cheaper as weight. It also contains 70% less fat and 40% less salt than full-fat white cheese. Pınar's Light White cheese is harder and tastier. Pınar Light contains about 50% less fat than cheese.

I added cheese to my diet, which was kept in water for 1 day at a thickness of two to three days a week. 1 box of cheese managed about 10 days.

I chose olive olives instead of olive oil. I've waited at least 1 day in the water before consuming the olives. Sprinkled with red hot chili peppers and consumed 8-10 olives every day.

Do not take fruits with your home weight during your diet. For example, include three different fruits per week on your diet, three days a week. Take 1 banana, 1 orange, 1 pear, and put in the closet.

After cutting off the sweet fruit and sweetness will consume fruit and you will notice that the fruit is gushing flavor. You can also add 1 cup (200 ml.) Of freshly squeezed fruit juice at breakfast each day of the week except for these three fruits.

Foods that you can refer to in the crisis of hunger
Although I was very motivated, there were times when I was in a hunger crisis during the diet. When I felt this way, I tried to instil myself at first before running into the refrigerator. Sometimes it worked, sometimes I really felt the need to eat something.

I do not recommend that you consume the following foods on a regular basis. The more you consume them, the longer your weight loss process; thus increasing your risk of ın disrupting the diet böylece. If you struggle with hunger for 10 minutes, the first 10 minutes, you will probably forget your hunger.

What can you do outside of eating when you feel very hungry?
Try writing something.
Don't you think about watching a movie?
Search for a friend, relative you haven't seen in a long time.
Plan a route on your way to the grocery store, not to the market, and try walking for about 20 minutes.
Prepare a glass of water or a simple Nescafe / Turkish coffee without sugar.
Do the cleaning.
Take a shower.
You still feel hungry. Then you can try to remain calm and consume the following.

Roasted chickpea
Leblebi, rich in fiber, is a very practical and nutritious food that helps you restrain yourself when you feel hunger.

Leblebi is swollen in the stomach to create a feeling of satiety, as well as to prevent the excessive rise and fall of blood sugar provides appetite control. Thus, you are preventing excessive caloric intake during the day.

Not only that, but the roasted or white varieties of chickpeas are a considerable amount of calories, without consuming more than 100 grams a day. Remember, do not eat 1 pack of leblebi. Put a few in your mouth and consume what you have. Teach yourself not to consume everything you buy in the rest of your life and to eat polite. Watch out for the people in your healthy weight that you look for, and throw a few things in their mouths and forget to eat and they'll be chatting. Don't be so focused on eating. There are more pleasurable things than eating.

Danone Activia Plain Probiotic Yogurt
There are a lot of Activia yogurts. However, they gave sugar to the sweet varieties. The sugary varieties contain almost the same amount of calories as calories. Moreover, since they are sugar-free, they cause your blood sugar to be turned upside down so that you will be hungry again in a very short time.

I suggest only plain (salt-free and sugar-free) variety of Activia yogurts. These yogurts are sold in four-pack packages of 110 grams and in a single package of 480 grams. If you get a four-pack, don't consume a little bit every day. Let them stand in your closet for a few days. In your life, perhaps for the first time, let something deteriorate in your closet. I also emphasized the leblebide on one top, eat one and forget the others. Learn to forget.

What did I eat when I went up to 120 pounds?
I'm probably consuming about 5,000 calories a day. But it's funny, once I go and go back to the bakery, hamburger or I don't know how to go to the restaurant and eat something special. I had 4 friends in Kars, Georgia, Armenia. We've used the car alternately. We stopped at an average of 3 hours and ate something at the artisan restaurants. Every day we entered the market and took 4 bags of snacks and continued to get reinforced. I said, "Come on, I'll weigh it." When I saw 120.5 on the scale, I was very sad and the same minute I took a box of walnut wrinkle from a piece of Çorum (I ate some of it on the road) and threw it in the trash.

My way of eating was like this for 1 year.


1 liter of whole milk
Bread, what if Simit Allah gave.
Kashar, language What God has given.
Eggs get very healthy.
They say butter is a must.
You also need jam honey, or if your metabolism stops.
When going to work to go to the market to take a pack of chocolate, 1 redbull, 1 pack biscuit

I don't know what the hell was going on anymore, I went back to the store at 11:00 am to take chocolate, biscuits, juice and make small snacks before noon.
I've been eating what you eat at work.
I was buying 1 pack of chocolate to open my mind at the grocery store.

On the way home, you'll have 1 pack of chocolates, 1 nescafe express.
Without shopping for cookies, chocolates, biscuits.
I was having dinner at home tonight.
1 liter of home yogurt was very healthy.
I was going to the store at 10:00 to buy chocolate, biscuits, snacks and drinks. Two to three times a week, 500 ml of Algida Maras is a must.
Return to the market, the rice pudding from the bakery
What were the reasons that led me to eat unconsciously?
I married twice and left. In both times when the marriage began to get worse I started to gain weight. I once gained weight in a relationship that would not be called Yeşilçam. Criminal women? No, I don't know how to deal with stress. In fact, I can cope with daily stress and work stress. But I feel trapped in the hearts and have a severe claustrophobia attack.

Some who go bored with two doubles, some networks, some of the dertleşir .. When I am exposed to this type of stress, I eat high-calorie, sugary foods. So I kind of uy I'm hitting sugar Yani Yani

I'm thinking of writing the next chapters of the article in time. Outlined the main lines though. We called weight, but it turned out to be a novel. If you have suggestions, please share your thoughts in the comments below.