Getting weight is as difficult as losing weight. Yes, this may be a bit of a slight exaggeration; but we know that people who are weak, such as rods, never avoid eating. Most of us are jealous because we cannot gain weight and we want to have a normal appearance, a protruding or muscular body. In this article, we will present 20 ways to gain weight fast.

20 Ways to Lose Weight Fast
How to Get Weight: People may be weak due to various reasons
Poor nutritional habits, long time gaps between meals, poor meal choices, reducing the energy of physical activities without full food intake are the main reasons for weakness.

Other causes may be long-lasting diseases, eating disorders such as cancer, anorexia nervosa or bulimia.

How to Lose Weight: Healthy Weight Gain
People who say I'm weak, I can't gain weight, is recommended to gradually gain weight. Taking 500 calories daily provides 0.5kg of weight per week.

This changes according to your height, weight, age and gender. Structuring your body tissues, maintaining your nutritional status regularly is an important element to gain healthy weight.

How to Gain Weight: Exercise
Weak people only need to be careful not to eat too much for the belly not to grow. It doesn't matter how old you are, how old you are. If you are fond of eating too much, you will have an ugly belly. To avoid this, you should try to have a toned body. For these, exercise is necessary.

You should do balanced cardio movements, weight training and flexibility exercises every day.

How to Gain Weight: Weight for Lean Mass
If you do not understand this already, you need to do some heavy work for a lean body. Your routines should have great weights:

Squats, deadlifts, presses (bench and overhead), pull-ups, rows, dips, snatches, power cleans, clean and jerks.

These multiple muscle movements trigger hormonal response systems.

How to Gain Weight: Exercise for Beginners

Squat 5 × 5

Pull-ups 5x (add weight if you can't remove after 12)

Overhead Press 5 × 5


Squat 5 × 5

Deadlift 1/2/3 × 5 (Your choice; deadlifts can be incredibly frustrating, and if you're exhausted, your form drops, so be careful, sometimes you'll only need one set with greater weight.)

Bench Press 5 × 5


Squat 5 × 5

Pull-ups 5x

Overhead Press 5 × 5

Make them every week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

How to Gain Weight: Healthy Diet
You can get nutritional supplements, but a balanced diet is more necessary. You should store enough protein, carbohydrate and fat. Protein is the key to muscle building and helps you gain weight.

How to Lose Weight: A healthy heart and weight gain diet
Add peanuts and leblebi to your diet. These are your junk food and consume in the evening. They help lower the risk of heart disease. The other aparatives can be wholemeal or multi-grain bread and peanut butter.

How to Gain Weight: Increase fluid intake
If you want to gain weight, you must build your own appetite yourself. A small glass of wine before dinner will help you food. Also, do not forget to drink water before and during meals, you do not want to ruin your appetite.

How to Lose Weight: Eat Less
If you eat between meals, leave. Some say 5-6 times a day to eat between meals but don't mind. Choose from foods such as potatoes, starchy and plenty of calorie foods. Remember, too much food will damage your health.

If the weak person eats junk food like the overweight ones, they experience the same health problems as those with poor eating habits.

How to Gain Weight: Indulge in the right way
Often, well-meaning people to help you gain weight cake, pastry, sweet and other sugary dishes will help you gain weight. Normally this strategy works perfectly for some, and for others, you're just getting fat and getting fat. From the outside this is not clear, but the excess sugar in your drinks increases. This heavy sugar-containing food will still hurt you if you are big or small.

How to Lose Weight: Eat plenty of healthy fruits, vegetables and meat
If you want to lose weight, you should consume these foods more than before. You need these foods for your hormones and you need a lot of protein.

How to Gain Weight: Choose fatty foods that are healthy
Eat healthy fats. You should consume foods containing egg yolk, fatty meat, coconut oil and other healthy fats. Increase your calorie intake with healthy products. I would recommend the banana as the best choice.

How to Gain Weight: Increase protein intake
If you are aiming to be muscular for a long time, you need to get protein every day.

How to Lose Weight: Nutrients to help you lose weight
All eggs: Economic and protein store. It contains vitamins A, D, and E and is loaded with plenty of cholesterol.

Butter: Butter is associated with prolonged weight gain. Eat the butter regularly. Your butter consumption should be metered as the excess may damage your heart.

Tuna Fish: Tuna not only helps you get fatty acids, but also increases your physical well-being.

Natural fruit juice: Sugar and extra nutrients required for weight gain can be gained by consuming 100% fruit juice. Drinking natural juice every day is a healthy and nourishing way.

Whole Wheat Bread: When you eat a whole wheat bread every day, you store 69 kcal of slice head. You can opt for healthy meals.

How to Gain Weight: High Calories
Peanut butter - this gives you about 192 calories plus the protein is extra high.

Energy chocolates - Serves as an abundance of oats and peanuts to your body. Breakfast is both healthy and contains about 500 calories.

Cheese - In the morning, a serving of cheese contains 69 calories. Cheese is a concentrated form of milk. So it contains protein, calcium, fat and cholesterol.

Fat - Adding extra fat to your meals helps your calorie increase. Choose olive oil and canola oil. These are important for your health and you will gain calories in a healthy way.

Bananas - A banana contains about 100 calories. It is not only rich in carbohydrates but also serves as a fuel for exercise.

How to Lose Weight: Daily Tips for Getting Weight
It should contain 3 or 4 servings of fruit and vegetables daily. In order to get all the nutrients you need, you must choose the natural ones. Take care of your daily rest. Eat chocolate or low-sugar oatmeal biscuits to increase glucose. These will make you hungry.

Yogurt: Healthy, fruit-flavored and fat-free yogurt can save you up to 118 calories. It is one of the foods that should be included in the daily diet for quick weight.

How to Gain Weight: Dietary Supplements for Weight Gain
In the event of a nutrient deficiency, supplements should only be taken in consultation with a doctor or dietician. These supplements made depend on your body's need. The supplements usually associated with your weight needs include carbohydrates and enriched foods.

How to Gain Weight: Gaining the Diet
You must consume the right foods to improve digestion. Avoid eating beverages such as tea or coffee after meals. These prevent the digestion of some minerals. Keep track of your weight gain continuously. If you get 5 to 6 pounds a month, this is a healthy weight gain.

Cook the foods that are useful for your health on a wide grill. Use plenty of vegetables in your salad and appetizers.

How to Take Weight: Unhealthy Habits to Take Unhealthy Weight
- Lack of sleep makes you fat,

- Food in the car,

- Food while watching TV,

- Eat the same things every day,

- Select places to drink coffee and sell such drinks in your meetings.

How to Gain Weight: After gaining weight in a healthy way (Fast Weight Gain)
Consume healthy food, exercise, breathe correctly, rest and sleep shows you a happy and healthy long way. After reaching your desired weight, you will notice that your body looks more curved and full and you will be happy. Thank you for reading our quick weight-loss guide. After applying the above items you will be more than happy!